Wings Software

Wings Software

Like you, we´re only satisfied with the very best. Therefore we bring out our management package in a 100% native 32-bit Windows version, dBase-compatible (FoxPro) and tested from head to toe.  Wings Software set its sights on the future and is bringing that future to you. A Windows package without loss of productivity or security.

You can compose your software package by making a choice from modules of:
         Wings Accounting
         Wings Logistics

In order to meet the needs of every type of company, we offer these modules in 4 versions:

Our software avoids manual input where possible by making optimal use of the possibilities to read data directly from other applications, such as the crossroads bank of companies, VIES database, Coda account statements and UBL invoice data.

By offering our modules in 4 versions, we specifically aim to meet the needs of all company types. And if you need software that is specific to your industry, you can use the options to address the Wings modules via our interfaces.

Do you want Wings to be installed on your own server or do you prefer using Wings via the cloud? Wings offers you the choice with the same functionalities and the same support. 

What module fits your company? And what's in it for you?

Try it out and ask for your demo!


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